День рождения / Birthsday song contest

21th Open New Children’s Song Contest “Birthday”

St. Petersburg  07 – 09 December 2017

General information partner – Radio Russia

Founder – Composer Zaritskaya Fund – Children’s Creative Studio “Samanta” with the support of Culture Committee of St. Petersburg Administration, Education Committee of St. Petersburg Administration and St. Petersburg Legislative assembly.

The purposes of the contest are the creation of new songs for children and youth and the revival of the best Russian traditions in this genre. Our aim is also to reveal new talented composers and poets including among children and the following promotion of their music and songs in mass media (radio, TV, press) and releasing CD/MP3 discs with best contest songs and backing tracks.

On the 21th Contest we introduce the new nomination “Dance the song” for dance and choreographic groups. The main goal of this nomination is to create visual stage impersonation for new children’s songs.

Many talented children-singers from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Baltic States, Moldova, Israel, Poland and other countries will come to St. Petersburg to present their new songs which were created not earlier than 2-3 years ago. They also will be able to demonstrate their talents for vocal and stage, hear other composers and poets compositions of the same genre, exchange phonograms and find new useful contacts for their creative work.

As it was in previous years we still feel the lack of good songs for children. Unfortunately radio and TV pay not much attention to this genre. For this reason some amateur authors and leaders of studios and groups start creative work to enlarge the number of songs for children. Sometimes we meet quite good samples among these songs and in course of time they can have a new life with other singers. We are glad to this fact.

“Birthday” contest will be judged by professional jury. It will consist of composers, poets, vocalists, arrangers, choreographers, mass media representatives and others who are somehow connected with children’s songs and dances culture. There also will be alternative child’s jury consisted of talented children, winners of music contests and soloists of “Samanta” group.

Participants of Vocal Solo Nomination in every group will get 1st, 2nd and 3rd Award Laureates titles, Winner of the 1st and 2nd rank Awards titles and titles of Contestant. Participants of the Groups Nomination and “Dance the song” Nomination will get Laureates titles and titles of Contestants in every age group. There also will be one Audience Award and one Grand Prix.

Participants of the contest are children of 5-17 years old:

Junior group “First chord”: 5-8 years old inclusive
Middle group “Transitional age”: 9-12 years old inclusive
Senior group “Key to success”: 13-17 years old inclusive
Traditionally Children’s Creative Studio “Samanta” will present new songs of composer Evgeniya Zaritskaya - the author of the project and the art director of “Birthday” contest. These songs never take part in the contest. They are an original creative report of the composer and children from Creative Studio “Samanta” present Gala concert and Awarding Ceremony.

One more important part of the event is Master class by composer Zaritskaya, exchange of backing tracks and discussion of problems in children’s and youth songs genre. And as a result of the contest Publishing House “Vest’-TDA”(Moscow) will release MP3 album “New children’s Songs” with the best samples of 9th-14th contests “Birthday” with the children’s paintings and pictures. (Double MP3 album “148 new children’s songs” (from 1st-8th contests) was released to the 10th anniversary of the contest.)

For all past years the prize fund was provided by St. Petersburg Legislative assembly. And Culture Committee of St. Petersburg Administration makes everything possible for “Birthday” contest becomes the great event in the cultural life of our city.

Project creator and producer – Honored Culture Worker of Russia - composer Evgeniya Zaritskaya.

Phone/fax: +7 (812) 323 19 14, +7 963 329 53 23


e-mail : evgzar@mail.ru 

07-09 декабря 2017 состоится 21 Открытый конкурс исполнителей новой детской песни "День рождения"
08-10 декабря 2016 состоится 20 Открытый конкурс исполнителей новой детской песни "День рождения"
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